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Refer A Friend

Refer-a-friend and earn points towards services & products here at Katie Cosmetics!

  1. Every invited friend who becomes a member gets this offer.
  2. When friend orders their first product, you get this same offer too!
  3. Earn up to $2,500!
  4. Log into your account to refer a friend

You must be a customer first, to refer a friend

How to refer a friend:

There are a number of options available to refer people to Katie Cosmetics:

1) Using the Invite Form to send a customized message to specific email addresses. (Higher chance of referrals)

2) Sharing your customized Referral URL generated by the store. You can find this under Your Referral URL in your account. You can post this link anywhere you like! Your options are limitless. Social media, forums, blogs- wherever you think will be the most effective.