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Before & After Lash Care

Most frequent questions and answers about eyelash care.

Before your appointment:
Please refrain from consuming excessive caffeine.

Doing so may cause you and your eyelids to be jittery, making application much more difficult!

Arrive with no eye makeup on.
Dirty lashes with dried mascara, falsie glue, oil/dirt buildup, or blepharitis will be charged an additional $15 deep cleanse fee.
We have a face washing sink in the store if you would like to arrive early to remove your makeup and cleanse your lashes yourself.
There’s makeup remover, lash cleanser, cleansing brushes, cotton pads, and face towels provided at the station for you.
Anyone with an active eye infection will be turned away.
We want to ensure the health and safety of all clients, and will not apply lash extensions if it is unsafe to do so. Please let us know if you suspect an eye infection.
AFter your appointment:
Do not get your lashes wet for the first 4 hours.
The glue needs some time to cure. This includes skipping the gym (sweat) and steam room (water vapour).
Avoid any oils on or around your eye area.
Watch out for oil-based makeup removers, eye creams, and face oils. Oil breaks down lash glue, which will result in your extensions falling out faster and having poor retention.
Wash your lashes daily with foaming lash cleanser and cleansing brush.
Washing your lashes will improve retention by keeping your lash line clean of oil, dirt, and makeup buildup. You can purchase a cleanser and brush at our studio!
No mascara or falsies on your new lashes.
you don’t need them anymore anyways!
Don’t pick or pull your lashes, or try to remove lashes by yourself.
Your natural lashes will be damaged in the process.

Schedule a fill every 2-3 weeks

Keep your lashes looking full.
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